Monday, January 18, 2010

49 days and counting

I had my monthly check today and got great news.
My doctor said my blood pressure was 120/78 GREAT, no protein in my urine GREAT, no swelling at all GREAT!! No signs of preclampsia so far :)
Lily's heartrate was 145 and measured at exactly 32 weeks. We went ahead and scheduled the c-section for Monday, March 8th, 2010 at 9am! WOOHOO
I have my next sonogram scheduled from Feb 8th and my strep-B test, then I'll start going once a week until March 8th!!!!
We plan for this to be our last baby, so I had to sign paperwork to get the factory closed down.

Lily's nursery is starting to come together!

Her walls are pink...

...bedding is set up (haven't taken that photo yet)....

...and decal is on the wall.

I have to get a few more items to put on her bookshelf and finish painting her wall letters but other than that we're all done!
The shower is less than a few weeks away and I'm getting so excited! Then it's Grady's 2nd birthday, Ross' 4th birthday and then baby day.