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Man when it rains it pours doesn't it?

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Oh Daddy






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Long time - no write

Sorry for the wayyy overdue update. Life is a lil' hectic with two kiddos!

So...where to start?!


Grady had his 3rd and final hypospadia surgery back in March. It was much more difficult this time around 1.) he's more mobile 2.) he knows how to pull out this cathedar. The only issue we had was his dressing fell off the day after surgery. His wound just keep bleeding, so we had to go back up to the hospital, had hold him down so the nurses could tape him back up. IT WAS NOT A PRETTY SIGHT! His 6 week check went very well and Dr. Snodgrass said that he should heal up just fine. It's not 100% cosmetically but at least its functioning properly! Up until the last few weeks he's been a bear to change...I think he was a little traumatized and didn't want anyone changing his diaper. But thankfully that is starting to fade. Here's a pic from his hospital stay.

While I was off on maternity leave I took Lily to my mom's and Grady and I spent several days together just the two of us. I really wanted to spend quality time with him so he didn't start feeling neglected.

Pic from Build-A-Bear

He's been so great with Lily. He'll go up and pat her on the head when she cries, he loves giving her kisses too! I'm so proud of him! Lily update I couldn't ask for a better baby. She's just amazing!! She eats and sleeps great...minus the acid reflux. We put her on Enfamil AR formula but that only does so much.

Jason's ready to have this baby! HAHA

My angel ~ March 8th, 2010 7:57am 7.14 pounds 19 inches

"Hi everyone!"

Here's a pic from her 1st dr appointment.

My big girl is sleeping in her crib and usually only wakes up once during the night! What a big change from Gradybug! Poor lil' guy didn't sleep much the first couple months. She's such a happy baby...she's smiling and cooing all the time. Jason and I are doing great...just trying to stay afloat!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lily's here!

Her first breath took ours away...

We are thrilled to announce the birth of Lily Ripley.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary honey!

I met my best friend in April 2005 at Gilley's Dallas. I still remember that night like it was yesterday. Jason telling me he was a pitcher for the Frisco Rough Riders!
Little did we know that we would be inseperatable from then on, that he would propose 6 months later, that we'd get pregnant 3 months after we got married and that we'd one day have a little girl.
I thank God for sending Jason to me. He's my best friend and my rock. I love you so much daddy.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last week of pregnancy

This will be my last week of being pregnant forever. After next Monday, I don't have to worry about maternity clothes, swollen feet or heartburn that lasts days ever again! I'll never have the lingering question like...do we want to have another kid, when should we have him/her, etc. Our family is complete and this momma is officially closing up shop for good!

It's kind of a bittersweet though. On one hand I'm going to miss all the amazing wonders of carrying my child around for 9+ months, on the other it'll be awesome to never have to take birth control pills or worry about getting pregnant ever again!

I'm going to cherish the memories of pregnancy...like feeling Grady dance around in my stomach constantly and of Lily waking me up in the middle of the night making me laugh because she has the hiccups.

I'll try not to remember being nauseous 24/7 and the horrible allergic reaction I had to my prenatal vitamins while carrying Grady or the bad headaches and breathing issues I had with Lily that kinda went away in the 8th month.

All I can do now is enjoy these last 7 days, prepare myself for the sleepless nights that are right around the corner and get ready for the good times that these two angels will bring!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, believe it or not and Lily's room

Grady had so much fun playing with daddy in the snow! He was running all around the front yard.

He loves sinking in the snow. The poor guy got so upset though when it was time to come inside.

I also finished Lily's room this weekend and wanted to share a few pictures of it. I'm in love with her room, it's so gorgeous to me. I'll have pics from her shower soon!!

My dad made Lily's wall letters :)

My dad and sister made Lily's growth chart!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grady's 2!

Grady had a "ball" on his 2nd birthday. We just had my parents and sister's family over, but with Grady and Ross running around it sounded like we had over 20 people! :)
I made baseball cupcakes, hey I never said I was crafty people. My sister would've done a lot better job. The good news is that he didn't decide to chunk one at my head!! Though that would've made for a great picture.

He actually loved it!! The cupcake was devoured in 5 minutes :)

He got a ton of stuff for his birthday...which I told my parents and sister not to do! He played on his new slide the whole day. He was pooped come 8pm, so was mommy, which is why we decided not to have a big party this year!

I watched the video from his first birthday, man I can't believe how much he's changed in just one year. He was just walking but hadn't said but 1 or 2 words...now his talking up a storm, climbing on our furniture and stairs and hitting/kicking balls.
*Click here to view some pics from his 1st birthday*

It kinda made me sad to think this is his last birthday by himself. Don't know why...maybe just hormones. Next year we'll have to do something big for his 3rd! Maybe a bounce house or a petting zoo. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

49 days and counting

I had my monthly check today and got great news.
My doctor said my blood pressure was 120/78 GREAT, no protein in my urine GREAT, no swelling at all GREAT!! No signs of preclampsia so far :)
Lily's heartrate was 145 and measured at exactly 32 weeks. We went ahead and scheduled the c-section for Monday, March 8th, 2010 at 9am! WOOHOO
I have my next sonogram scheduled from Feb 8th and my strep-B test, then I'll start going once a week until March 8th!!!!
We plan for this to be our last baby, so I had to sign paperwork to get the factory closed down.

Lily's nursery is starting to come together!

Her walls are pink...

...bedding is set up (haven't taken that photo yet)....

...and decal is on the wall.

I have to get a few more items to put on her bookshelf and finish painting her wall letters but other than that we're all done!
The shower is less than a few weeks away and I'm getting so excited! Then it's Grady's 2nd birthday, Ross' 4th birthday and then baby day.