Saturday, December 13, 2008

Super Exciting Weekend!

It's official...
I'm finally working in IT! My new title is Help Desk Analysis...sounds important doesn't it!?
I got my Blackjack II and laptop of Friday, moved all my stuff over to the IT department. I'll be the only girl on the Infrastructure Team. I'll make sure to put all my frou frou stuff out. Potpourri, scented candles, pictures of flowers and whatnot! :P

It's Christmas party time!!! Jason and I went to my company X-mas party last night. I can't believe they scheduled the party on a Friday at 7, knowing everyone gets off at 5?? It was ok, not as fun as last year. We all went out for drinks before and after the party. It's just not the same now that I'm a momma! My ass was exhausted by 10pm. LAME!!

Tonight is the Focke's 3rd annual X-mas party. Our friends Scott and Jenn have a Xmas party out in Lewisville every year. So we're taking Grady to his 1st party!! Hope he doesn't drink too much eggnog. (Yes I know not to feed a 10 month old eggnog!) We probably won't stay too long but it will be nice to get out and see everyone :)

As for Christmas...I've already purchased all Grady's gifts but I came across these two chairs that I can't stop thinking about :)
I know he doesn't really need one, but I just got to have it. Which do you think is cuter? The Mickey chair or the Pottery Barn with Grady's name?

Santa...please bring Grady a cute lil' chair so he can watch his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in comfort.
Thank you...I'll make sure we put out chocolate chip cookies and a big glass of milk for ya. :)


Stephen said...

I have a chair just like that haha. Good luck with the IT guys get blamed for everything that goes wrong ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, good going on the new career change! Our field is tedious but it can be VERY fun! Definitely not a sit & pound out numbers type of job! Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!!

-Paul Woolsey