Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Looking up...


Grady still in the healing process from his 2nd hypospadia surgery. Everything looks good so far! We have an appointment this month to get a 2nd opinion on if another surgery is necessary. We're praying he's all done!!

I have a laminectomy or discectomy surgery planned on the 24th of this month. I'm planning to take off a week to recover. I've been in the worse pain for the last 6 months and its getting hard and harder, if not impossible to pick up Gradybug. So I finally decided after physical therapy and 2 sets of epidural steriod injections that its time for surgery.

I'm hoping the summer will bring fun, the sun and the pool...maybe a trip to the beach!! (hint..hint Jason) Until then the park, pain pills and sleep will have to do.

(Disclaimer: I always told myself I would never put my child in a pair of crocs...never say never!)

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