Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Big 3-0

Friday is my 30th birthday...I'm officially old! :(
No more wild and crazy Angela. Now all you'll see is a momma behaving herself...boohoo.

So with that I wanted to share some pictures of the young and wild me. The one that would party all night and get up the next day and do it all over again. The one that could drink some guys under the table.

House party at Shanda's. I was 21 here :(

Drinking at The Prison on St. Patty's. I think I was 23 here.

Love and War - drinking on a Sunday!

My 24th Birthday party at Muddy Waters on Greenville.

Edge Fest

New Years Eve 05' in the West End

Halloween 05' as the Village People

Stef's bachelorette party

Club Clearview

Kiss this party girl goodbye!


Stephen said...

You can party it up again once the kids go off to college ;)

The Ripley's said...

Now that is just depressing Stephen! :(