Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby update...2 posts in 1 week!!!

Jason and I went to our 2nd high-risk ultrasound yesterday. He/she is 1.7 pounds and her/his heartrate was 152 at 25 weeks.
We were 80% sure last appointment that we were having a girl due to the lack of evidence it was a boy. So I was so excited to finally find out the gender at this appointment. Well the little booger decided not to show us the goods yet again!!
My next appointment is in 6 weeks...I'll be 31 week when I finally find out the sex!

This baby is testing my patience already :) hehe


stephen said...

Haha, sounds like he/she is going to be trouble! :) 31? Wow, I'm surprised a woman of your age can even have a baby jk! ;)

The Ripley's said...

31 weeks pregnant silly...not 31 years old :P

Men! HA!