Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not a good start to 09'...

Well the Ripleys didn't have a good start to 2009.
Grady got sick on Saturday, and the news was NOT GOOD. The doctor told us Grady has RSV and was put on breathing treatments, which he loathes!
It's been a hard week. I feel so bad for the bug, you can see it all over his face. It's so hard to see him struggle to catch his breath! He's been through so much his 1st year and is such a trooper. He's been in good spirits unless he's receiving a treatment.
I bought him a penguin nebulizer thinking it would be less traumatizing to him, but unfortunately Grady has no idea what a penguin is. HA!
I'm sure when he grows up he'll have this subconscious hatred for penguins and not know why!

The other bad news is we have to postpone his surgery until March. We were wanting to get it over with and behind us before his 1st birthday, but there's no way he can go through surgery like this.

Cheers to 2009 :P


Stephen said...

Aw, I am sorry to hear that :(.

On the other hand, that penguin really is cute!

The Ripleys said...

Thanks Stephen - I think you're the only one who ever reads my blogs! I don't think Jason even does.

Jennifer Z said...

I still read them. Even though you blame me for Bonnie's opinions.