Sunday, February 15, 2009

...look at the stars, look how they shine for you...

Jason and I are really great together and have a lot in common. But we have totally different tastes in music, not a big issue right?!

So when we're in his car we listen to sports radio, hard rock or classic country; anytime we're in my car we listen to alternative, indie or any new music I can find. Well Jason loves making fun of my music by calling the band a different name or by badly imitating the song. (It's really annoying at times!!)

Here's some of the names he likes to call the bands I listen to:

Coldplay = Suckplay
Death cab for cutie = Death for Jason
Tokyo Police Club = Tokyo Homo Club
The Bravery = The Suckery

You get the picture!!

Well I love, love, love Coldplay. They are the one band that I've been dying to see. So I hinted around that they were coming into town in July and tickets were going on sell Valentine's day. He's response was..."I thought we weren't getting anything for each other for Valentine's Day or our anniversary!" Which he was right, so I didn't mention it again and figured he'd forgot.

Guess what my honey got me for Valentine's Day?!
I will finally get to see one of my all time favorite song played live :)

Thank you honey...I love you <3

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Aprille - The Muddled said...

Aww what a sweet man you have!!! And he sounds funny too!! Thanks for the link up on your blog - I am terribly flattered Angela. Have fun on your anniversary. It is good to spend some time out just yourselves - Cheers!