Tuesday, July 14, 2009


OK...I need to vent so please bear with me! Sometimes life just totally falls apart.

First, as you all know Grady had 2 hypospadia surgeries to correct him urethra and curvature. The doctor told us that everything is "ok" but not perfect!! So we decided it was best to get a 3opinion...yes this will be our 3rd doctor to work on Grady. He said within 2 seconds of seeing Grady that he will indeed need another hypospadia surgery and that he may have to do a skin graph because there is so much scar tissue that the skin is pretty much unusable. He also told us that he will try him best to get everything fixed this time but he's not ruling out a 4th surgery.
I've been beside myself just thinking about Grady having to endure this all over again. He said that if we don't do the surgery his head will most likely split into 2 because the skin isn't strong enough to hold it together! It breaks my heart.
Well neither Jason or I have any vacation time left so we'll have to postpone Grady's surgery until next year. The doctor said that was fine because it will give him time to heal.

Second, my dad lost his job several months ago. He hurt his back and his doctor told him he'd need surgery. So my dad told his boss that he'd need to take off a week or two for surgery and the next day he was "laid off". So its been really hard for my parents. Living on unemployment checks and the little money my mom makes for watching the boys.

Finally, everything was looking up for my sister. She got promoted to district manager at Blockbuster. Her and JR bought a new house in Aubry...everything was looking good. Then Blockbuster started laying off people left and right. She's constantly worried that she may be next.
Then about a month ago she was driving to one of her stores and got so dizzy she almost wrecked her car. She went to the doctor to find out she was Meiniers Disease. My dad was diagnosed with this disease at the same age as my sister. Back then they implanted a shunt into my dad's skull to fix the problem. Now adays medicine should do the trick. Then to top it all off, she aggravated something in her back and has been in tremendous pain the last week or so.

So like I said...things just keep falling apart.

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Stephen said...

I'm really sorry to hear all that. It always seems like this stuff happens in bunches :(. I'll keep yall in my prayers.