Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting "back" into the swing of things...

So I'm back on my two feet again. Doing pretty darn good after my back surgery. For those of you that aren't bored to death of hearing me talk about the surgery please read on. Here is a cute video of a laminectomy.

I had the surgery Wed, July 24th and was in some pretty bad pain that night. But thankfully I was hooked up to my trusty morphine drip!! I broke out of the hospital Thur afternoon, and I shit you not, didn't get out of bed until Monday night. I got up only to powder my nose and that was it. I was shacked up in one of the spare bedroom with Grady's Mickey Mouse DVD player and some DVD's my sister got for me. I watched bits and pieces of Confessions of a Shopaholic, Role Models and Taken. I was in and out of consciousness so I don't recall much of any movie. :)

My doctor advised me to take off work for 2 weeks but unfortunately I don't have the time so I had to truck it back after a week. I did really good the first day and toughed it out but that Friday I was beside myself and my boss let me take a half day off. (Thank you Stewart!!)
I go for my follow up appointment tomorrow and hopefully I'll be back to my ol' self again soon :)

I think Grady was upset with me for a couple days...he didn't understand why ma-ma wouldn't pick him up or get down on the floor and play with him. He's doing much better now though.

Thanks again for the thougths and prayers everyone!

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Stephen said...

Is this blog from the future?? I think you meant JUNE ;).

Powder your nose, cute :). I hope you keep improving!