Monday, August 18, 2008


So we had two new firsts this weekend.

Grady had his first taste of mash potatoes...yummo!! And he loved it. He's just like his momma, loves those starches!

Then on Sunday we went to Chuck E. Cheese's for Cambry's 3rd birthday party. He had so much fun. The first hour he kept doing his newly found high pitched squeal at everything. It was too funny. Then he conked out right before presents. My son can sleep though anything. (Like mother, like son!)

I'm so dissapointed though, Chuck E. Cheese isn't as cool as it use to be. No..not because I'm over the age of 10, but because it's all video screens! They don't have the huge bear, bird, rat and whatever else moving side-to-side playing different instruments while their mouths open at random times during the songs. Geez!! Stupid technology!

**(I love this site...see this is the stuff you can't put on myspace. I'd lose my cred if I did!)**


Stephen C said...

They have one big mechanical mouse though, right??

They also have camera's that you can move with a joystick to watch your kid from afar...and best of all every game is just one token, even the giant moving one! :)

Amazing Jake's is better though!

The Ripleys' said...

Hmm..never heard of Amazing Jakes...we'll have to check that out! ;)

Dawn Dawn said...

You guys are a great looking family. I am so happy for you! Look at your big smile. Hugs!