Monday, August 25, 2008

Quiz Time

Since it's the 1st day of the new school year I thought it was fitting that I took this little quiz.
I read this article on the top 10 mistakes new parents make. So I started thinking...hmm I wonder how Jason and I would score.

10 Mistakes New Parents Make By Denise Mann

1: Panicking over anything and everything
Hmm, let me think…yep all the time! If he has a little bit of snot in his nose I irrigate it because I think its going to get into his lungs and he’ll end up having pneumonia! Or if he has a bit of a sniffle I think he's coming down with the flu. Seriously!

2: Not letting your infant cry it out
I’m guilty. I can’t stand hearing him cry, it’s the worst sound on earth! So he ALWAYS ends up back in bed with mommy and daddy. :)

3: Waking baby up to breastfeed
HA! yea right, the little booger would never wait long enough for me to wake him up!!!

4: Confusing spit up and vomit
Guilty again. Hey, if it’s liquid and its dribbling, spirting, or gushing out of my child's mouth its freaking throw up!

5: Not sweating a fever in a newborn
NEVER! If he’s running anything above 99 I’m freaking!! He’s already at the doctor if it reaches 99.1!

6: Not properly installing the car seat
Check! I still don’t know if the freaking thing is right. But I do know...he ain't moving an inch!

7: Neglecting oral care
Well since Grady doesn’t have any teeth yet I think I’m cleared of this one!! WOOHOO But I definitely won’t neglect his teefers. After all the money I’ve spend on crowns and cavities over the years, you best bet we’re brushing his pearly whites 5 times a day!!

8: Ignoring your marriage
Guilty again…dang I don’t like this quiz! Yes I must say Jason and I have “somewhat” ignored our marriage. But really, who hasn’t?!?!?

9: Fighting too much in front of your baby
Dang it…OK this quiz sucks!

10: Trusting unreliable sources for parenting advice
Well I believe some of the "sources" might be reading this…so my answer is NO!!

OK, so I think I failed! Can I get some extra credit?!?! ;)

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