Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ripley's Believe it or Not

So I'm starting our blog. I say "our" when in actuality I mean mine. hehe
The blog will mostly be about "our"...I said it again...little man Gradybug! He's cool enough that he gets a whole blog just about him.

Gradybug went for his 6 month check up on Friday. He's doing superfantasic. He weights in at a hefty 20.3 pounds and is 26' long. Doesn't quite have his daddy's height yet, but there's time. Dr. Moulton said we can start him on finger foods such as Puffs and Cheerios! WOOHOO
He's really starting to army crawl around. It should be no time and he'll be cleaning the floor with his tushie!

Well...not bad for my first blog. Nothing really clever or witty but there's time ;)


Megan said...


This is a treasure! This will be so neat for Grady to look back on years from now. Thanks for sharing this! Megan

Angela H said...

Go G-Unit!!!

Stephen C. said...

Sweet, another way to waste time at work :)

Katie said...

I'm excited to read all about Grady! Welcome to the addicting blog world!

The Ripleys' said...

I know, I'm addicted already!! :) Hope you don't mind, but put your link up...I really enjoy reading it and I know others will too!

Shelliebethyname said...

Reading these little updates makes me feel not quite so far away!! Aunt Shellie love you little man!!