Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not so much buddy!

So last night...

Jason and I put Grady to bed and started our nightly pillow talk. I asked about our friends, Jeff and Brooke, whom are expecting their first child. He informs me that she had a pretty bad spell of morning sickness during her 1st trimester but that she's doing much better now that she's in her 2nd.

Me: "Aww the poor thing, pregnancy sure isn't easy."
Jason: "Yea you're telling me, I had to go to Walmart at 1am to get you Benadril!"

Umm...yeah you poor thing, you really had it rough!! That somehow compares to the allergic reaction I had to my prenatal vitamins and the hives I had all over my stomach. The knock-out-drag-out, ALL DAY nausea I had for 3 months straight. The 35+ extra pounds I managed to carry around on my swollen feet to and from work daily.
And the countless nights I spent awake because...either I had to get up every hour and waddle to the bathroom to pee, or Grady wouldn't stop railing on my abdomen and uterus or the fact that it's extremely uncomfortable to sleep on a rock-hard, watermelon shaped stomach.
...I'm just saying!

Men, God love em'!


Stephen said...

But did you go to WalMart at 1 AM? haha

Jennifer Z said...

Aww poor Ang. Us women have it hard. But that is very sweet of Jason to go to the store at 1 am. I am starting to realize how lucky I was with Kate. Ugh. If i didn't have the Promethazine I wouldn't be able to work. I didn't know Brooke was prego! Sorry such a long comment. Lov ya