Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The good, the bad and the surgery...

A few weeks ago we went in for Grady's follow up appointment and found out his hypospadias surgery was unsuccessful. Well let me rephrase that, the only successful part was the circumcision.
So we now have a new doctor who will perform the surgery all over again. :(


Dr. Strand (our new urologist) said there are several fistulas or "leaks" that he'll need to repair. We originally thought there was only 1.

He'll also need to reconstruct his urethra. It's in the right spot now, but is extremely too narrow to have a "full stream".

The doctor informed us that thankfully there's enough reusable skin left to patch up the leaks (love my technical lingo) so he won't need to do a skin graph from the inside of his cheek!

Is scheduled for Jan 13th at Medical City of Dallas. I'm hoping we'll get him all fixed before his first birthday and no one will ever be able to tell he had surgery!


Katie said...

Poor little guy! I'll keep him in my prayers. Medical City Dallas is great! That's where Cole had his surgery done :)

Stephen said...

You know he's in our thoughts and prayers too.